Savings and Rewards Calculator

Vitality Savings Calculator

Life insurance from Vitality doesn’t just wait for something bad to happen. It rewards you from the word go.

It's simple - the more you do to get healthier, the more discounts and rewards you receive. You could get back more in rewards and savings than the cost of your insurance.

Step 1: Select the discounts and rewards you’d like to use.

We give you discounts on things that are good for you. And we give you rewards that help you rest, relax and live life well.

You will need to add Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser for an additional monthly fee of £3.80 in order to access our full range of rewards partners. For a full list of all our partners here.

  Only available to VitalityLife customers with Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser

Step 2: You can change the Vitality status bar on the right to see how your savings could increase – the higher your Vitality status the bigger the rewards!

Step 3: Find out how much you could save on your monthly premium

As well as savings with our reward partners, you’ll get discounts on your monthly premiums when you take out a plan with Wellness Optimiser or Vitality Optimiser. The higher your Vitality status, the bigger your savings.

This changes the way your protection premiums work and means you get more benefits. Pay lower protection premiums in the first year and keep them low in future years if you look after your health. Here’s an example of how Vitality Optimiser could help you save.


Use this calculator to see how much you could save on average in a typical year. Use the controls on the right hand side to tailor your cover.

Age   Years
Plan type VitalityLife Plan VitalityLife Essentials Plan
Plan term Years Whole of life (Your savings below will be projected to age 80)
Is your cover indexed? Yes No
Monthly protection premium (excluding Vitality Plus premium)   £

The following example is for illustrative purposes and assumes that the Vitality status you have selected is achieved every year, over your plan term. Your actual savings will depend on the Vitality status you achieve each year, which may change from year to year.


On average, you could save up to per year

By reaching your predicted Vitality status by the end of your first year you have the potential to save per year over the life of your plan.

How can my savings change?

Your estimated status is . Your annual saving could change by using our partners to do healthy things and improving your Vitality status.

What makes up my annual savings?

There are different ways you can save with Vitality and each of these contribute to your annual total savings.

Show my first year savings

Three ways to save Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Show my average annual savings over the term

Three ways to save Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

How does Vitality Optimiser work?

Vitality Optimiser gives you an upfront discount. With Vitality Optimiser, you could save on the total standard protection premium in the first year.

Keep your protection premiums low in future years if you look after your health

You can keep your protection premiums low beyond your first year by looking after your health. With enough effort, you could even reduce your protection premiums further.

Each year, we’ll look at your Vitality status. Depending on which status you've reached, we'll increase your protection premium, decrease it, or leave it the same.

How Vitality Optimiser could change your protection premiums over your term

    This graph assumes a maximum 25-year term and that your Vitality status stays the same throughout. The calculations are based on the monthly protection premium you input into the calculator and do not take into account the additional fee you pay throughout your term for rewards and cashback. At the moment, this fee is £1.50 for Vitality Lite and £3.80 for Vitality Plus.


    How can I save upfront on my Premiums?

    Did you know you can get an upfront discount on our standard protection premium in the first year by adding Vitality Optimiser?

    You could save in your first year with Vitality Optimiser.

    How we calculated this »

    Some things you need to know

    How Vitality can change

    We're always updating the way Vitality rewards you for being healthy as new opportunities and technologies arise. That sometimes means we need to make changes throughout your plan year. We might change the way we award points, or the way your Vitality status works. We might also change our partners or the discounts and rewards we offer. And there might be times when we change, remove or enhance the benefits. The best way to stay up to date with the latest offers and discounts available is to register on the Member Zone. The Member Zone always has all the partners available on your plan and any special offers at that particular time.

    Total potential savings over X years with:

    Premium saver 1400

    With Premium Saver, you build up premium savings over five years. Then, we use the savings you’ve built up to reduce your premiums for the next two years. This happens every five years. The healthier you get, the more you'll save. How we calculated this >

    Premium discounts 1000

    Premium Discounts give you the chance to reduce your premiums every year, if you have a PruProtect Plan. The healthier you get, the bigger the premium discounts become. How we calculated this >

    Annual savings with:

    Partner Rewards 1200

    We give you discounts off things that are good for you, like health screenings and fitness devices. And if you upgrade to Vitality Plus you get even more discounts - everything from cinema tickets to European holidays. How we calculated this >


    Your total Vitality Equivalent Cost

    The Vitality Equivalent Cost is another way of showing you how much you could save with Vitality. This is not the actual monthly premium you will pay, but it gives you an indicative monthly cost of your cover across the term of your plan. How we calculate this >

    Your initial monthly premium 500
    Less your Premium Saver and Premium Discounts total potential savings converted into a monthly amount 500
    Less your Partner Rewards potential annual savings converted into a monthly amount 100
    Your monthly Vitality Equivalent Cost