Savings and Rewards Calculator

Vitality Savings Calculator

Health and Life insurance from Vitality doesn’t just wait for something bad to happen. It rewards you from the word go.

It’s simple - the more you do to get healthier, the more discounts and rewards you receive. You could get back more in rewards and savings than the cost of your insurance.

Step 1: Enter your health insurance premium.

£ per month

Step 2: Select the discounts and rewards you’d like to use.

We give you discounts on things that are good for you. And we give you rewards that help you rest, relax and live life well. You can change the Vitality status bar on the right to see how your savings could increase – the higher your Vitality status the bigger the rewards!

Step 3: Select your Vitality Status.

Next, please select your Vitality status on the right, and also whether it is a single policy or couple/family.

How Vitality can change

We're always updating the way Vitality rewards you for being healthy as new opportunities and technologies arise. That sometimes means we need to make changes throughout your plan year. We might change the way we award points, or the way your Vitality status works. We might also change our partners or the discounts and rewards we offer. And there might be times when we change, remove or enhance the benefits. The best way to stay up to date with the latest offers and discounts available is to register on the Member Zone. The Member Zone always has all the partners available on your plan and any special offers at that particular time.